WO.DEFY is a responsive garment based on kinetic movements and breathing patterns of the wearer’s body. The design process of WO.DEFY explores a new form of humanistic representation that enables the portrayal the wearer’s emotional presence through poetic visual feedbacks.

The dress attempts to reveal the beauty of emotional communication using the common platform of the human breath; proposing the best methods of human to human communication lie within us. Technology and material are integrated in an innovative yet subtle manner within the natural human structure to encourage one to feel the message through a multi-sensory reflective experience. As a result, the users are able to critically reflect on the meaning and use of everyday wearable and technologies for expression and communication. The process exposes users to a new perspective of self analysis and evaluation while using technology. This contributes users to a richer understanding of themselves, as well as effective alternatives in sharing their perspectives.

The human emotional experience is explored through utilizing elements of sensuality, self reflection, and intimacy. Through incorporating the fabrics, electronics, and software, we actualize an opportunity to showcase the emotional journey of the “Self Combing Sisters” (自梳女 | Zì shū nǚ).

WO.DEFY is the second work from the “WO series”, and a representative of growth in our two year design collaboration. Through this piece, we express our personal reviews of both the modern day (also known as “Leftover Women” (剩女 | Shèng nǚ)) and traditional “Self Combing Sisters” (自梳女 | Zì shū nǚ).

The interactive wearable is part of the honours research project from January 2012 – Present; under the supervision of Dr. Thecla Schiphorst.