Tangible Textural Interface

TTI (Tangible Textural Interface), by Eunhee Jo, is a new sound system that embeds a tactile surface. TTI has flexibility that enables people to physically touch and feel the response through the controls and physical morph of the surface. TTI delivers new aesthetics through integrated flexible surfaces as interface material unlike adapting conventional materials for interfaces such as plastic or glass. Unlike existing 2D interfaces, TTI has a curved 3D surface opening up new possibilities in making flexible forms and shapes within the interface.

We find the use of fabric in this application very refreshing and inspiring. The change of material affords much more interesting gestural interaction from the user. Also, the physical feedback of the speaker surface is also quite fascinating. Maybe it is possible to use strands of hair to pull parts of the fabric in creating such organic physical transformation. But the question is how to make the technical layer so thin that it’s applicable to a wearable?