The interaction.

We looked into how the concept of environmental contraints and internal struggles can be elegantly represented through the use of garment to both the wearer and outsiders. We identified struggle as one part emotional and one part physical. One significant physiological response that display a change of emotion is breathing. In this case, we focused on the relationship of the physical changes in breathing length, duration and amplitude and the change in emotional state. This change in internal space, we categorized it as interpersonal interaction. As per interpersonal interaction, we metaphorically linked how the contraints of the comb girls against the society as a struggle of the self against the surrounding space. To portray such struggle, we decided to choose air as the invisible forces, metaphorically, between the two elements. The temperature is used as the quantifiable measurements to measure the conflict between these two distinctive areas / bodies.


Potential Sensors:

  • Temperature Sensor: intake temperature of the wearer’s body and the temperature of the surrounding space / object.
  • Accelerometer: intake the speed of the wearer’s reflexes and movements.
  • Stretch Sensor: intake the expansion of the rib cab in order to record the change of breathing of the wearer.