We met as undergrads during our study of Interaction Design and Media Arts at SFU’s Interactive Arts and Technology Program.  Throughout the years, we have produced and crafted performances, installations, and video productions that explore the theme of emotional experiences through self reflection and immersion.

wynnie CHUNG | 鍾穎怡
emily IP | 葉素文
As an honours undergraduate student, Wynnie pursues projects and research in experience design through wearables and interactive performing objects/environments.  Her current interest is studying and exploring the connection between art, the human body, and its surrounding space.Wynnie has been involved in dance and performance, specializing in Chinese and Contemporary for over 13 years, it allows her to bring about an organic experience to artistic and emotional expression. A recent graduate, Emily questions “What is Art?”and enjoys the personal conversations between the artwork and herself. Her main interest is the interaction between the artwork and its audience in a space and she hopes to incorporate contemporary arts into various design disciplines in the future.Emily has multiple years of experience as both an interior designer and wedding planner.  Her specialty lies within using spaces to craft story-telling experience which affords for emotional exchanges.

By utilizing our understanding of the human body and realizing the emotional potential within spaces, there exist a raw emotional aspect within our design collaborations.  This allows the audience to draw from within and connect to our work in a very personal manner.   The human body is intimately linked to our very essence which, at its very core, provides us with inspiration into our ideologies, perspectives, and ultimately paves a path into our creativity.


Art + Design not only play an essential role in our lives, but encapsulate it as a whole. The methodologies which we utilize during our creative process are conceived from a controlled sense of self-expression, accumulated and refined through years of rigorous training in the performing arts and interior design.

Our passion lies within the exploration of cross-cultural mix media where emphasis is placed upon the experience received through the work rather than the physical entity of the work itself. This aspect mimics dance as movement through the human body, and the space it occupies is secondary when compared to the continuous flow of deep rooted emotions; simple gestures are enough to invoke a personal epiphany.

Our desire is affording users for unique experiences during their interaction with our work. The experiences can be ambiguous, and an understanding is reached through the process of “feeling” and engaging oneself within the time and space of the interaction. This can be a continual digestive process, where the gestalt moment occurs after the occurrence of the experience, be it within one’s mind and the muscle memory of the body.

We are inspired by our hands through our tactile experiences in our research, exploration, and production processes. As a result, we pride in our ability to present ideas in unique perspectives and experiences through the use of our materials, form, and presentation.

Our material preferences lie with the theme of “human materials”, which are items that afford for humans’s instinctive recognition and familiarity upon sensory contact. As a result, we (humans) can ultimately establish an emotional understanding and connection through our recollection and then comparison of our personal experience to the new experience. Through this process, we are gain a richer understanding of ourselves from being exposed to the multiple perspectives generated from the experiences.

Our work is critical and experimental in its research, materials, process, and presentation. As a result, each work produced contains provocative elements to foster experiences that encourages for self reflection and re-connection to their emotional senses.