We met as undergrads during our study of Interaction Design and Media Arts at SFU’s Interactive Arts and Technology Program.  Throughout the years, we have produced and crafted performances, installations, and video productions that explore the theme of emotional experiences through self reflection and immersion.

winnie CHUNG | 鍾穎怡
emily IP | 葉素文
As an honours undergraduate student, Winnie pursues projects and research in experience design through wearables and interactive performing objects/environments.  Her current interest is studying and exploring the connection between art, the human body, and its surrounding space.Winnie has been involved in dance and performance, specializing in Chinese and Contemporary for over 13 years, it allows her to bring about an organic experience to artistic and emotional expression. A recent graduate, Emily questions “What is Art?”and enjoys the personal conversations between the artwork and herself. Her main interest is the interaction between the artwork and its audience in a space and she hopes to incorporate contemporary arts into various design disciplines in the future.Emily has multiple years of experience as both an interior designer and wedding planner.  Her specialty lies within using spaces to craft story-telling experience which affords for emotional exchanges.

By utilizing our understanding of the human body and realizing the emotional potential within spaces, there exist a raw emotional aspect within our design collaborations.  This allows the audience to draw from within and connect to our work in a very personal manner.   The human body is intimately linked to our very essence which, at its very core, provides us with inspiration into our ideologies, perspectives, and ultimately paves a path into our creativity.


In art + design, we are drawn to the concepts of perspectives and the human emotional experience. This fosters for an array of sensations and layers for the audience to penetrate. Not only does this engage them physically and emotionally, but they are able to relate themselves with our work.  Our works meant to inspire and aspire individuals through the process of immersion and reflection in different perspectives. Like the ocean, one cannot look at the surface and judge the currents below.  Wearable Technology is our chosen medium to provoke and encourage others to seek beyond the aesthetic facades and bring about a “within” connection and continual digestion of their experiences.  There are vast emotional and design opportunities resulting from the touch sensation, which can be provocative, intimate, and sensual.  We strive to reveal new methods for emotional expression and communication.