WO.DEFY | inspiration

Inspired by Zì shū nǚ, WO.DEFY is a contextual piece that makes an affirmation of female self-independence, demonstrating their strength and courage. These women emerged during the mid 1800s to mid 1900s, during a time of political and cultural changes in Canton Province in China due to the influx of foreign influence. The women devote their life of celibacy as defiance to arranged marriages, the common socially accepted method of union between man and woman during the time period. The emotional struggles and determination from these women in defying the Chinese social system are rooted into the construction and interaction of WO.DEFY.

As a result, WO.DEFY is not a product, but a connection. Our review of the emotions and experiences from those women through our cultural research personifies the piece. When worn, the piece reacts in a subtle and supporting mannerism, like a sister to the wearer.