WO.DEFY | Research


Breathing contains intriguing qualities and challenges. Through capturing organic, ephemeral, and subtle qualities, breathing opens up vast conceptual opportunities and possibilities for exploration and experimentation. The unique immaterial nature provides endless ways to present itself and the ideas it suggests. In particular, the notion of the blurred line between the involuntary and the voluntary mechanism in breathing suggests shifts in the conscious mind. Through the transfers in awareness, new paradigms and experiences may be revealed.

WO.DEFY presents a contextual experience for the users, where emotional breathing is communicated in an unspoken manner.  We suggest a change in emotional state will result in a change in behavioural breathing. Using the difference in breathing patterns as raw input, the represented data, through its transformation pending the changes in breathing patterns, will foster an experience for participants. The participants are able to experience the data itself.


The movement quality of the artifact’s floral elements is defined as simple yet sensual.  Correlating to the inhale and exhale from the diaphragm, floriography is explored through the form’s transformations as they represent the muscular contractions within the vagina and the uterus upon emotional arousal.  Along with the LEDs, the greater the values collected will result in greater contractions of the flowers, and higher brightness of the LEDs, indicating a greater emotional intensity.