Silk, as WO.DEFY’s core material, is a metaphor for the emotional experiences of women who pursued the identity as Zì shū nǚ.  Different forms of silk are integrated within the garments based on its physical characteristics and cultural value.  Hence, we chose this material as a vehicle to share a person’s story.

Possessing humanistic qualities and a smooth texture, natural silk fibres are interwoven with real human hair and fibre optics into a hair braid, a signature hair style worn by the women.  The represented hair braid mimics the physical structure of each hair, which functions like a memory capsule, uniquely documenting the various state of human health. As the user breathes, the braid will reveal the subtle light pulsations accordingly to the recorded breath data.

The silk organza, chiffon and duppioni silk fabric are chosen for their cultural significance in contributing to these women’s achievement in self dependency.  These women were favoured as workers by silk weaving factories along the Canton Province in China as they were hard working and single, which implied they were more focused as they are not pre-occupied by children and husbands.   Hence, they are able to be self sustainable and can even contribute to their family.


The silk materials were purchased at the following locations:

  • Silk Yarn, Silk Fibres | The Silk Weaving Studio, Granville Island
  • Duppioni Silk Fabric, Silk Chiffon | Fabricana, Coquitlam & Richmond
  • Silk Organza | Rokko Sarees & Fabrics, Vancouver