Technical Research


The WO.DEFY set of garments consists of two layers:

(1) the inner layer: the hand-sewn force sensing belt and the dupioni silk qípáo (dress) that supports and houses two Arduino boards, two 180 degree rotational servo on each shoulder, two series of Light-Emitting Diode (LED), and a soft circuit.

(2) the outer layer: organza/chiffon floral elements and natural fibers.


Optimal breathing data is collected and sent to LilyPad Ardunio for processing from the wearer through a separate band that host the force sensor,

Two series of Light-Emitting Diode is activated when wearer’s rib cage expands and press against it during inhalation.

The series of LEDs will lighten up progressively at every inhale and subjective to the amplitude of the inhale.Networks of fiber optics then transmit the light of the LEDs from the covered “tunnel” to other areas of the garment.

WO.DEFY also has a Diecimila Arduino at the back of that dress that takes data from the tri-axis accelerometer and trigger commands to the two 180 degree servo motors.

After the accelerometer intakes the wearer’s motion, the Arduino will process such data and command the two servo motors, which are located on the two shoulders, to pull the fishing threads that are attached to the end of the servo arm according to the intensity of the motion.

The pulling of the threads will then cause some organza floral elements to contract and dilate.